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We have specialist team in underwater diving services involving subsea inspection, repair, maintenance and light construction.
From shallow water operations to complex underwater projects requiring saturation dive system, we have the technology and experience to efficiently complete your every projects.

PODC has regular personnel that we engage for the projects but in the event those personnel are not available ,we maintain a data bank with large pool of qualified personnel from divers who are certified for saturation and Air work involving inspection and construction to technicians and support personnel.

Some of our diving services are listed as below :

Installation of subsea structures such as PLEMS, Manifold, Valve skids, Risers , ets

pipeline free span correction using grout bags.

Salvage works.

complete installation of mooring systems with suction piles. driven piles or conventional anchors for floating  units including FPSO’s.

SBM installation, inspection, maintenance and repair.

spool piece installation.

Pipeline refurbishment and repairs by installation of clamps.

Installation of offshore loading systems including floating & subsea  hoses.

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