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PODC honors to having cooperation with a professional and specialist team of Remotely Operated vehicle(ROVs), systems, including work class and inspection class ROVs. PODC utilizes ROVs for projects such as:

Pipeline survey

Platform IRM work

Grout bag pipeline support.

Wellhead intervention including SCM change-out.

Rock dumping for pipeline scour prevention.

Assisting diving operations and diver observation.

Drilling Support.

Inspection Class ROV:

The inspection class ROVs are used for visual inspection, observation and video recording purposes. The ROVs that we use have the capability of operating at depth up to 1000 ft. Their . manoeuvrability and handling are excellent even in strong currents. Some vehicles are free flying unit and some others are TMS deployed unit.Apart from the normal video and monitoring systems, CP probes, FMD sensors, a single function grip manipulator and other sensors.

Work Class ROV:

The work class ROVs have more loading capacity and allows for more equipment to be configured such as sonar systems, Gyro compasses, SIT cameras, Profilers, bathymetric sensors, altitude/depth sensors, sub bottom profilers,  current density meters, contact or proximity CP probes, acoustic transponders and pipe takers that can be incorporated onto the ROV system to achieve comprehensive  surveys underwater, Manipulators, Grabbers, boom cameras, cutting and jetting tools can also be mounted on the vehicles, if so required by clients.

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